RPG / BTC Trading Now on Crex24

RPG Coin has reached its first milestone by listing on the Crex24 crypto currency exchange. The RPG/BTC market was officially opened on February 23rd 2019. 

As our community grows we hope this will be the first of many exchanges where RPG will be bought and sold.

The listing process was very straight forward and communication with the Crex24 team was professional and efficient.

We could tell based on the questions they asked about our code base and verification of bitcoin security patches they are a serious team who looks after their traders and coin developers. 

The trading platform itself is easy to understand and offers BTC deposits after 1 confirm, unlike others who require 20!

Crex24 has 2FA available and should be setup as soon as you verify your email and get your account active. Remember thats its never a good idea to use any exchange as a main wallet for holding coins.

Anyone holding, investing or mining in RPG should download an official wallet from our Github.




Level 1 – Complete

RPG Coin (RPG) is a Proof of Work coin built on the Bitcoin UTXO model. As with other Bitcoin derivatives, RPG coins are distributed to persons augmenting the RPG network by mining RPG.

  • Ticker: RPG
  • Algorithm: x21s
  • Total Max Supply: 21 Billion
  • Block Reward: 50 RPG
  • Block Spacing: 60 Seconds
  • Network Port: 7210
  • RPC Port: 7214
  • Difficulty Algorithm: Dark Gravity Wave v3.0
  • Protocol Support: IPV4, IPV6, TOR, IPFS

Level 2 – In Game Assets (Complete)

Asset Support

Asset capabilities and activation will be at block 50,000 to allow issuing, reissuing, and transfer of assets. Assets can be reissuable or limited to a set supply at the point of issuance. The cost to create assets will be 500 RPG to create any qty of game assets. Each asset name must be unique. Asset names will be limited to A-Z and 0-9, ‘‘ and ‘.’ and must be at least three characters long. The ‘.’ and the ‘‘ cannot be the first, or the last character, or be consecutive.

The RPG used to issue assets will be sent to a burn address, which will reduce the amount of RPG available.

Asset transfers require the standard RPG transaction fees for transfer from one address to another.

Level 3 – Unique Assets (Complete)

Once created, assets can be made unique for a cost of 5 RPG. Only non-divisible assets can be made unique. This moves an asset to a UTXO and associates a unique identifier with the txid. From this point the asset can be moved from one address to another and can be traced back to its origin. Only the issuer of the original asset can make an asset unique.
The costs to make unique assets will be sent to a burn address.

Use Case Examples:

A game developer can issue the asset with the name of their game COOL_GAME_TITLE, and then assign each COOL_GAME_TITLE token a unique id or license key. The game tokens could be transferred as the license transfers. Each token COOL_GAME_TITLE:80899 and COOL_GAME_TITLE:420365 are unique tokens.

Imagine a game developer issues the asset named ARMOR. The developer can then make unique ARMOR assets by attaching a name or a serialized number to each suit of armor. These unique tokens can be transferred or sold to the player. The tokens ARMOR:Golden and ARMOR:Silver are not fungible and represent distinct pieces of armor. Since Armor:Golden is 100% unique only 1 lucky player will be able to own that item.

Level 4 – RPG Crafting Bench (In development)

The RPG Crafting  Bench is a fully featured javascript framework and developer kit to build decentralized applications on the RPG blockchain including blockchain commerce and on chain applications.


Pay to PubKey, Pay to PubKeyHash, Pay to MultiSig, Pay to ScriptHash and write data to the chain w/ OP_RETURN


REST integration

Have your game or app talk to Cloud via REST with no further setup needed.


RpgDB is an autonomous database that continuously synchronizes itself with RPG cCin, providing a flexible, fast, powerful, and portable query interface.


Level 5 – In-Game Integration (In development)

Unreal Engine Plugin

A free and open source plugin for Unreal Engine with examples in C++ and Blueprints for use in current and upcoming projects. Follow our W.I.P thread on the UE4 forum.

UE4 Prototype

Basic level or map with code and blueprint examples of transaction types such as pick ups, loot boxes, NPC vendors and P2P trading. Custom events such as awarding game tokens on player start, level up and more.

Unity3d Plugin

A free and open source plugin for Unity3d



Level 6 – Mobile Wallet compatible Mnemonic Seed

Switches to a default of generating a 128-bit seed from which the master key is generated. This allows easy backup for anyone that doesn’t import private keys. Warnings added to back up wallet.dat when importing private keys.

Level 7 – Compatibility Mode

Allows newly created assets to appear exactly like RPG, LTC, or Bitcoin for easy integration into exchanges, wallets, explorers, etc. Speeds adoption into the larger crypto ecosystem.

Most exchanges, and crypto merchant acceptance systems are configured to handle coins (tokens) that work like Bitcoin (RPC to bitcoind) or Ethereum (IPC to geth using web3).

Compatibility mode emulates the RPC capabilities of the RPG daemon, for an asset instead of RPG. Exchanges that have already added RPG, can add asset exchange quickly an easily using emulation for every asset they’d like to add.

As an example, normally the rpc call for transferring RPG is
sendfrom "fromaccount" "toaddress" amount ( minconf "comment" "comment_to" )
Ordinarily this call to rpgd (port 7214) will transfer RPG

Configuring a different port for sending the GAMECO token will allow the same RPC call to transfer GAMECO instead of RPG. The advantage is that the only change needed for compatibility with a system that can already handle BTC and RPG is to use the port configured for GAMECO, or whatever asset you’d like.

Level 8 – Rewards

Rewards allow payment in RPG to asset holders. Rewards, also sometimes called dividends, provides a way to send tokenized assets or RPG to token holders. This can be used to reward shareholders with profits (denominated in RPG), or to reward membership holders, or to reward those that contributed the most to a shared project and earned special tokens.

Use Case Example

A game developer(s), could create a token that represents a game studio business. Suppose he or she creates 1,000,000 GAMESTUDIO tokens. These tokens could be used to raise funds for the studio at USD$1.00 per GAMESTUDIO token allowing him or her to raise $1 Million USD to build the business and develop their game. These tokens can be sold and transferred easily by the owners. Suppose the game studio does extraordinarily well because the community is involved and the game is a top seller on many marketplaces. Now the game studio can reward those who believed in their project. With a simple command, the studio can send profits – denominated in any value RPG may have – to GAMESTUIDO token holders.


Level 9 – Messaging

A message is “broadcast” if an owner token or channel token is sent in a transaction to the same address with the addition of an IPFS hash and an optional expiration date. The message isn’t really broadcast in the sense of being transmitted to nodes, but rather each node will independently detect the special transaction type and display the message. Message display is subject to some heuristic anti-spam rules.

Channels are special RPG unique asset tokens that are created by asset owners. The channel tokens are similar to unique assets in that there is only one with a given name. They can be uniquely identified by having a ~ (tilde) in the name. They are limited to twelve characters, and can use uppercase, lowercase, and digits. Example: GAMECO~Alert

Sending these special channel tokens from one address to the same address will “broadcast” a message on the channel, which is named the same as the token.

Level 10 – Voting

Voting will be accomplished by creating and distributing parallel tokens to token holders. These tokens can be sent to RPG addresses to record a vote. More on Voting..

Final Quest

Build a 3rd person open world rpg game using RPG coins and assets to power the in-game economy on the blockchain.